Thursday, April 22, 2010

Heaven's Smile

I got a call yesterday that absolutely made my birthday more than perfect. Let me give you a few details that led up to this phone call...
My nephew, Christopher (aka Chris, Topher, Cristo) had accepted a pretigious internship this summer in Dallas. It was, by his explanation, the cooder graw of all opportunities for someone in his position. He is a chemical engineering major at Texas Tech and is, in my opinion, brilliant! The one drawback to the internship is that he was not going to be able to go on a mission trip to Tanzania this summer with our church. He took the answered prayer of the internship as a closed door as far as the opportunity in Africa. He would soon learn, in his own words, "not to put God in a box". Almost out of a fairy tale, the rest of the story began to unfold as he was pursued by another company for the internship. Even after explaining his current commitment to the company in Dallas, the gentlemen would not budge and continued to discuss the opportunity with Cristo. Long story short, it is a smaller company that is self funded and doing really well. Now, keep in mind I know nothing about either company and just have to rely on Cristo to fill in the gaps within my non-engineering brain. After a meeting, and really no negotiations because they were going to meet his salalry AND pay all of his living expenses on top of a signing bonus...he was set to start down a completely different road for his summer "vacation" that would lead him to Midland instead of Dallas. All the while, the gentleman at our church coordinating the mission trip repeatedly was telling him that he just felt like God was going to get him to Africa.
Yesterday, he recieved a phone call from the Midland company to let him know that they would allow him the 10 days to go on the Mission Trip!!! Looking back over everything that has happened, it is obvious that God is working out the details so that Cristo is in line with His will. While he has less than a week to raise $2000 for the airfare, remember..."don't put God in a box". (AND...if you'd like to help him, he would be more than grateful!!)

Now, while my heart swells with pride for him, my eyes cry. I SO wish Sherri could be here to see how INCREDIBLE he has turned out, and the heart he has for Jesus. I know this is my humanness, because what could be better than heaven, right? I am so proud of her for laying a foundation that Cristo knows is unshakeable...and he is building his life on it. I know that she would be SO proud of fact, I can almost see heaven's smile.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where Did The Time Go?

Wow...I can't believe it has been SO long since I last posted! We have been busy to say the least.

First thing first...Addie Claire had her scope with biopsies. Praise God there is no internal damage and she does NOT have celiac disease! Although she is still sensitive to gluten and that has been a big change in and of itself...we do not have to be concerned about every touch of gluten she may accidentally get and the damage it will do internally!! We now are busy with gymnastics, soccer, a childrens musical, and a quickly approaching dance recital. All of this while learning how to cook gluten free every night of the week, packing lunches that follow her "safe" diet, and tend to the needs of the rest of the family! Whew...I'm tired just typing it!!!

This weekend, we visited the Lubbock Arts Festival. It was raining and cold, and so under normal circumstances it would have been easy to put off the outing. However, because Leagan's art had been chosen to be put on display, we were not going to miss it! We are so proud of her, and the way she uses the talent God has given her. We knew from the time she was young that she not only could draw/color, but she had incredible ideas and always added the most unique details to her creations. It as such an honor to be with her and see her chalk painting hanging with other young artist's work!! We are currently inquiring about some private art lessons to help her grow her God given talent!

I guess that brings us up to speed, and hopefully I will not get so far behind again! Nothing philosophical about this post...simply the facts, my friends!!