Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Change of Plans

As if the past few days haven't been trying enough with all of the focus on what Addie Claire can and can't eat...cue option of biopsy. Now, we originally decided on the DNA/fecal test because we were tired of going to the doctor and being given another medicine to try. We now know that she has a gluten sensitivity and the celiac gene, but does that mean celiac disease? Ummm, no. We have tossed around whether or not to have a biopsy to either confirm or deny the celiac diagnosis...after all, the diet change would be the same, right? Not necessarily, and yes. Confused? Good, so am I!! Well, not really, but I was!

Going completely gluten free is a HUGE undertaking, which involves new pots and pans, appliances and so forth in order to avoid cross contamination. I just can't even explain the dramatic change this is. Now...if she has the disease, the change is non-negotiable. However, if she is simply intolerant then we will not have to necessarily freak about getting a bit of gluten here and there.

After a long conversation with a good friend today, whose daughter happens to have celiac...we are choosing to have a biopsy. We simply want to know how strict to be with the gluten removal! This is a life long strict altering of diet for Addie Claire if she is celiac, and something we want to be sure of before we tackle it physically and emotionally. Stay tuned....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not Weird, Just Health Smart

Diets are very common in today's society, and the Wilson family has boldly joined the parade! However, our goal is not to lose weight as is common with the typical person who chooses an altering of daily food intake (although, I will not be angry if I drop a few pounds!). No, we are drastically changing what we eat in order to preserve the health and wellness of Addie Claire...and possibly others in our family who have not been tested.
To make an incredibly long story short...

About 3 or more years ago she began complaining of a tummy ache, sometimes more severe than others. We made trips to the ER and to a specialist. We were initially told she was constipated, then we were told she was not. We were told to try this and that when initial bloodwork and stool tests didn't show what the doctors were looking for. Turns out, they were looking at the wrong thing. This year, Addie Claire has a friend in her class with celiac...and her mom experienced the same run around that we had and finally chose a laboratory that does allergy and DNA testing. The test confirmed that Addie Claire does in fact have celiac disease, as well as an intolerance for the protein in cow's milk known as casein. Celiac is the protein part of wheat, rye, barley, and other related grains. Some people cannot tolerate gluten when it comes in contact with the small intestine, and this condition is known as celiac disease. The molecular structure of casein is very similar to gluten, so it is no surprise that she cannot tolerate that protein either. If left untreated, which treatment by the way is 100% diet regulation, more severe damages and illnesses can develop such as malnutrition, depression, miscarriages, infertility, cancer, autoimmune diseases and the list goes on. We are claiming God's grace in finding Addie Claire's before more serious complications arose!!

So...we are on a journey of figuring out what she (and since we are doing this as a family, we) can eat. It is not quite as easy as one would think since our food industry has SO many hidden labeling tactics. This morning, I thought sausage would be a safe choice for breakfast since we have not had time to completely research and restock our pantry and fridge. A few hours later she informed me that her tummy hurt, and after doing some investigation realized that the sausage had caramel coloring which is a no-no on the GFCF (gluten free/casein free) diet.
I feel like I have so much to learn in order to keep her healthy and educate her on good choices, but I am embracing this with a positive attitude. Our family will be better informed and have healthier eating habits as a result. We may now be referred to as weird, as we will be going primarily organic as well as gluten and casein free. So, when we arrive at the next birthday party complete with gift and our OWN little cake...don't label us as weird. We are on a lifelong journey becoming Health Smart!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Model Behavior

If you are a parent, you are very aware of how your children model your behavior. The good and the bad...they pick up on it all! Last night, my oldest daughter attached a scripture with her tooth to leave for the tooth fairy. Including a scripture with a card, a note, a gift...this is something she has seen me do many times. Today, as I thought about that, a light turned on for me, thank you God.

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving and texting. Now...while this is something I very rarely do, God spoke to me through the eyes of my almost 10 year-old daughter. As I completed my message and hit send, I felt eyes upon me. I glanced back and saw something so vivid and clear...my child learning how to text and drive at the same time. Not only was she learning how to master the task, but I was the one showing her how to do it!

Today, I watched a program full of families left behind to deal with the devastating effects of someone using a phone while driving. From being too engaged in a phone conversation to texting their friends...the results were all the same. Death. Plain and simple. The studies and results were very enlightening, and are something I think everyone should know. Using a phone while driving makes you FOUR times more likely to have an accident while driving...which are the same percentages for driving at the legally drunk limit! Texting while driving makes you EIGHT times more likely to have and accident! EIGHT!!! Essentially, we are constantly among "drunk" drivers because if you look around most everyone is on the phone while operating such potentially deadly machinery. You use a bluetooth you say? It made no difference...it was the state of the mind and it's focus. Although the brain is capable of many things, research shows it simply does not function at the level it should when driving is married with texting or phone conversations.

While my oldest child is still 5 years away from driving, she will be entering that stage of life with texting being such a commonplace activity that an actual phone conversation may in fact be obsolete. In all honesty, based on one of the teenagers on the show, it is already more common for someone to text than to call among that age group. For now, my children are still impressionable and learning basic ways of life. It is my goal to teach them respect of the driver's seat which includes no more texting or talking on the phone while our car is in motion.

If you call me or text me while I am driving, please expect to get my voicemail. No more digging in my purse to find a ringing phone while I'm driving, texting to have someone save me a spot in Power class, or even picking up the phone to call and "say I love you" to someone. It is BECAUSE I love so many I am choosing to forego this behavior, and be a better model!

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Can Do This!

Before the cold weather settles in once again tomorrow, we decided to get outside one last time and enjoy the sunshine. Hollis wanted to ride his "motorcycle", but has not been able to figure out how to ride continuously. He, as most children his age, has a habit of pushing the pedals the wrong way and applying the brake unintentionally.

So here we go, out onto the sidewalk. The girls were laughing deliriously as they zoomed around on their plasma cars, and Hollis mounted his bike with a world full of confidence. He assumed the position and took off!! As I walked closely to make sure he didn't fall over, his words were clear and demanding..."No momma, I can do this!". I'm sorry..is this my not even 2 1/2 year old son telling me he doesn't need me???? Why yes, it certainly is.

While part of my heart was crying profusely, the rest of it was beaming with pride. As his sweet little words, as stern as they were, echo in my ears...I am forced to think of him not being my baby anymore. As tears well up, and I want to hang on to him with everything that I have...I am reminded by Hollis himself that I can let go..."I can do this".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Run

This past weekend I was able to watch hard work and determination come to fruition at the Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon. My friend, Angie, and I decided for reasons unknown to begin training for the race in January. We looked at several different training schedules and went to work...never looking back!

Just as planned, we crossed the finish line together, and having my family there to watch me approach the finish line was absolutely priceless! It truly was an amazing experience, but I have to give complete credit to God. When life tried to get in the way of training...He was my determination. When, within the first mile, we headed downhill and I feared running back uphill...He was the voice inside me saying "I did not give you a spirit of fear". When my joints screamed from pain... He was the one who carried me. You see, HE was the best training plan I could find, and I totally relied on Him for success!

Why the Name?

I've contemplated a blog for a while now because I am a person of many words! So here I am taking the leap!! As I sat and wondered what to name my blog and what would best describe my life...other than sheer and utter chaos on most days...I came up with "Life On My Way Home".

1 Peter 2:11 describes me best as a temporary resident...an alien. My faith and hope are in Jesus Christ, and therefore my home is in heaven and each day I spend on this earth is part of my journey to eternity. Also in 1 Peter, as a Christian I am called to speak out about what God has done for me and so my prayer is that while I share everyday life with you...the reader... I am obedient in sharing God's work in my life!!