Thursday, January 13, 2011

Celebrating Love has been quite a while since I blogged!! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be better about blogging. Of course, I would also like to lose about 25 lbs, so we'll see what happens!

This year started off perfectly...celebrating love! January 9th marked our 12 year anniversary, so Shawn whisked me away to a beautiful resort in Mexico...El Dorado Seaside Suites. It was so relaxing, so refreshing, and so wonderful to spend time with Shawn in such a "perfect" place! Although we were a bit scared to go due to the current unrest in Mexico...we felt like we would be safe on the resort. Turns out...we were!

The entry to the resort

Most everything we ordered was gourmet...small portions
meant to be served along with several courses. Nothing was
Supersized, Whatasized, or even close to Texas sized!!! One
night we even ate twice...yep...went to two different restaurants
and ordered appetizers, main course and desserts! This particular
dessert was brought as a surprise by one of our sweet waiters.
Although gratuities were included in the price of our stay...this
fellow earned himself a big tip!

These were in the trees EVERYWHERE! They are actually

Here is a view of "our" swinging bed (the one to the right).
It was perfect, somewhat secluded, and "ours"....until the
last day when a certain European lady who liked to tan
without her top bednapped it!

Shawn hanging out on "our" bed. was so nice!

There was quite a bit of coral in this particular spot. Further down the beach you could simply walk right into the water...but isn't the view of the trees just beautiful?!?!?

View of the carribean sea from "our" beach bed!

This is the view from our "seaside" suite. Shawn totally
expected to walk out of the door and step on sand, walk
a few more steps and be in the water. What you can't see
is that the beach is just beyond these trees. It really was as
close to perfect as I could have imagined!

Our beautiful room complete with jacuzzi tub!

We loved the trip SO much, that the first night we were back home Shawn was on the internet trying to plan our trip for next year! I have to thank God above all...just a few years ago, we could barely afford to spend the night in our own home much less travel to such a beautiful place and spend 5 days! (for more on that journey, read through Mostly Fingerprints on my blog) We serve such a faithful, loving, and merciful God. Thank you Jesus for your provision in our lives!