Sunday, September 19, 2010


I heard something a few days ago that God keeps bringing back to my attention, and so I thought I would share! I listen to Christian radio, mainly KLOVE or Air1, and I am not sure which station I was listening to at the time but there was a gentleman talking about being comfortable in our lives. As I caught just a bit of what he was saying, I began to think about my life. I know the place that I am most comfortable is in my "home", more than likely laying in my bed! As a Christian, we should not ever be totally comfortable on this earth because it is not our home. It is a temporary dwelling place where our souls inhabit flesh for a short amount of time. There are some days that I long to be at the feet of Jesus where all things will be clear and wisdom will be at it's best. Days that are plagued with discipline issues with the kids, misunderstandings in my marriage,listening to the less than desirable decisions that are being made in Washington, hearing on the news that Lubbock is number one in the nation with regards to STD's, seeing all of the opportunities that our kids have to get their hands on pornographic materials...even the magazines staring you down as you attempt to check-out at the grocery store. Covers that speak lies into the minds of our children telling them they need to look a certain way, dress a certain way, and showing them that sex sells on many levels. All of these things make me uncomfortable...and they should. I am not at home.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jesus Bring the Rain

For the past couple of days, there has been a sadness in my my memories. I remember the sounds, the smells...the if it were yesterday. However, as sad as this day was 3 years ago it was also a time in which I look back upon with a tremendous realization.

In July of 2007 when my sister Sherri had her stroke, she was left unable to talk and paralyzed in half of her body. It was a massive stroke that affected both sides of her brain and ended her life as she knew it. As I sat in the hospital and watched MANY people come and go, I listened to what they said to us. With great pride I listened to how my sister had helped them through a trial in their own life, or how she served at her she touched others. This seemed to be the common thread in all of the conversations of those who came to visit her. The Lord allowed her to live almost 2 months in the hospital in this condition before He took her home, so there was plenty of time to visit with friends and family who came to see Sherri.

The song playing on my blog...Jesus bring the rain...listen to the words carefully. It played over and over in my sister's room and seemed as if it were written for her. Even in the hospital, without a voice, she was able to share her testimony. Her written story of God's work was being passed around the hospital among the nurses and visitors. Because of the rain in her own life, many were able to hear of God's work in her life.

After her death, I reflected upon everything that had happened and I realized that when I leave this world I want to be remembered for how I lived for my God. It was also then that I realized what the world held as important as far as success, beauty, and riches would no longer hold me captive. The worldly mother and wife...or even what someone in particular believed that I should be or longer had a say. My God would have the say. I knew if I was focused on Him and His ways, I would not only be pleasing Him but all other areas of my life would fall into place. My greatest desire is to be remembered by my commitment to God, my service to Him, and the way He loved through me. To hear Him say, "well done" will be the greatest reward EVER!

So, as I remember my sister on this day with sadness...I also give God the glory. He used the rain in my life to wash off my heart, give me a renewed spirit, and settle my eyes upon Him. Though the rain may not be welcomed at the time, God always redeems it for those who seek Him. I am because of Him. I have because of Him. I live because of Him. And, because of Him, there will be a great reunion one day with Sherri! I can't even imagine!!!